You are all booked up and I need a lesson ASAP?

A very limited number of hour-long special appointment lessons are available each week for a fee of $120 with Davin, $110 with Alison and $100 with Missy. These lessons are not listed on our scheduling system and are reserved for singers who are in need of an appointment more quickly. Feel free to email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) directly or call 312-343-2329 if you are interested in finding a time.

What ages do you teach?

We teach all ages, but work most with students age 10 and up. We advise students younger than 10 to use lessons in preparations for performances or auditions. Otherwise, we recommend that kids join every musical opportunity they can until they reach the age of 10. These opportunities include local theatre, choral programs and especially piano lessons. This allows for maximum musical exposure until they are physically ready to understand what it is to study their “instrument.”

What times and days do you teach & coach?

This varies. We attempt to have times available that accommodate varying schedules. This includes, evening and weekend times. Our appointment calendar is up-to-date at least one month in advance, so check it out to get a feel of what might fit your schedule.

Don’t see something available that fits? Feel free to inquire about additional availabiltiy! 

Do you book voice lessons or acting coachings the day of?

Yes! If we have times available on our calendar, they are available to you. Please feel free to take advantage of what you see.

Will you travel?

Sure! Our fees vary based on time, availability and distance, but we have accompanied students to auditions, in the recording studio and to performances. Just ask.

How often do students usually come to sessions?

Our most driven students of the voice come every week. Most of our students come at least every other week, while some just pop in here and there. We are flexible, but the more often you come the more progress you’ll experience. Regardless of frequency, we seek dedication from all of our students.

Can I make recordings at your studio?

Yes! We are happy to offer both audio and video recording capabilities. We will not be able to help with sophisticated mixing processes, but if you’re looking for a live recording with quality sound and/or image, we can help you out. You may do this during a normal session, with an additional fee for editing. Feel free to inquire for more info.

I don’t have anywhere to practice.

We allow students to rent our studio spaces in off peak hours. You can email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to check on availability.

Will you hook me up with gigs?

We do our best to share appropriate job information with students based on their strengths and abilities. We are happy to share all of the resources we know.

Is it cheaper to book multiple sessions at once?

We believe our voice lessons & coachings are worth every penny. We hope that the sliding scale allows for some flexibility, but we do not discount beyond. Our desire is to attract strudents who are willing to commit their efforts and money to the highest quality of lessons and coachings.