Voice Lessons

45-minute session:

Missy $60 - $80 | Alison $70 - $90 | Davin $90 - $110

What are voice lessons like?

Private voice sessions are an opportunity for clients to experiment, learn, and grow toward healthy, successful singing. From first-time singers, to professional, we work to create a smart, inquisitive, comfortable and safe environment that encourages technically productive and creatively fulfilling music making.

Our approach to technique is based in comprehensive knowledge of anatomy (a singer’s instrument) and the way the body works. We specialize in Contemporary Commercial Music and use functional training to help singers uncover their most natural sound, regardless of style. Pop, rock, musical theatre, gospel, jazz, classical… we’re game for all of it!

Generally 45 minutes, voice lessons follow a standard yet flexible format:

We begin with relaxation, breathing and vocal exercises to slowly get the voice and body “warmed up.” These exercises also help facilitate success in the voice and are key to measuring growth and finding dependable technique. Over time, students build a repertoire of vocal exercises that serve as a home base for keeping the voice on track and encouraging a pathway into long-term healthy singing.

After exercises, the remainder of the session is dedicated to achieving functional success in singing of songs. This is an opportunity to see what sounds the exercises yield and what additional adjustments the singer should make. Further, we will coach on artistic choices that can enahnce performance. Songs can be new or previously studied. Clients are encouraged to explore a diverse array of music, as flexibility is key for the voice and good artistry.

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What kinds of singers come to Davin Youngs Voice?

We have clients who represent a broad spectrum of singers, from professional musicians who are looking to hone their craft to working professionals looking to explore their creative side. Some clients have studied voice through masters programs at schools of music while others are afraid to sing! Our voice lessons have something special and unique to offer all.

How often do people come?

This is entirely up to the client. Singers choose a frequency that works with their availability and desire to progress. If you just want one session or want to come weekly, both are cool. Clients who attend sessions and practice regularly will experience quick advencement while others will find that simply having a dedicated place to sing will be useful, increasing range and ability. Regardless of frequency, dedication is key.

Will you coach me for an upcoming recording, performance or auditon?

Sure! We’ve helped clients get ready to record albums, go on tour or and audition for singing competitions. We dig into your song(s) and explore how your performance can be elevated through artistic choices and good vocal technique. In our encouraging atmosphere, singers are given the opportunity to find more ease and confidence in their singing and performance.


I’m having vocal problems. Should I come in for a session?

Yes! We are happy to assess your voice and see if we can help. Many singing problems can be sorted out in voice lessons, while more serious problems may require medical intervention. We have relationships with Otolaryngologists (throat doctors) in the area as well as Speech Language Pathologists and are happy to help you figure out what’s up and refer you accordingly. 

Do you work with injured voices? (nodules, polyps etc.)

Yes, we are willing and able. We don’t take this lightly and first defer to medical professionals, but once you’ve been given the go ahead, we will gladly work in collaboration with your Dr. and/or Speech Pathologist to help your move toward happier, healthier singing.

Do you choose the music I sing or do I?

Hopefully, we both do. It is important that you are working on songs that you find enjoyable and we find appropriate for where you are in your learning. Choosing the right song in the right key is a vital component in successful singing. We are happy to work on what you bring to your lesson and also happy to suggest additional options. 

Do you do Skype voice lessons?

Yes, and we love it! We know that time and location make it challenging to schedule regular lessons, coachings and workshops. That’s exactly why we want to be available to come to you, wherever you are. We have experience with artists on the road, classes of students in other states and working professionals who have a limited window of time in the office or at home. In these cases, Skype isa great option! We guarantee sessions that feel useful and fulfilling, just like being in our studio.

When considering this option, it is important that you have a sufficient microphone, camera and speakers. We are happy to do a brief test with you to see if your setup will work.

Skype services may be scheduled the same as in-person

What if I’m not sure this is right for me?

Give it a try! You are welcome to schedule a session and see if we are a good fit for you. Singing with a new teacher can be exciting and scary, but we’re quite certain you’ll enjoy yourself. If not, there is no pressure to continue.

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