Our Studios

Available for Rent

Our studios are located in the historic Fine Arts Building at 410 South Michigan Avenue. Available for rent, our studios are surrounded by musicians, designers and artists, and nestled into an environment that emphasizes creativity and comfort. 

STUDIO 540 is 240 square feet and our primary teaching space. Beautifully lit with large windows overlooking the building’s inner courtyard, the space is comfortable for lessons, rehearsals and meetings for up to 6 people. The studio is equipped with a 27 inch iMac, AudioEngine speakers, a Shure sm58 microphone, Roland AC60 amp, a 5’2” Young Chang baby grand piano and recording capabilities.

STUDIO 632 is 840 square feet and ideal for rehearsals, auditions, performances, meetings and parties. It is located at the end of the 6th floor, making it one of the quietest rooms in the building. 18’ wide and 45’ long with the ability to seat up to 50, the space is equipped with 2 Behringer 15” 2 way speakers, a Mackie Pro Fx12 mixing board, 2 Shure sm58 microphones, a 27” iMac, and recording capabilities.

For rental inquiries please CONNECT with us noting rental use and desired dates.