DYV Students: Student Spotlight Interview No. 5

January 16, 2013


 Today, I’d like to introduce you to a super talented singer and comedian named Jamie. Read on to learn more about her…

Davin: “Yo, Jamie! Give us a quick bit about who you are.”

Jamie: “Hey vocal people my name is Jamie Burns. I am a comedian who moved to Chicago from Florida (I miss the weather) to study comedy. During the day I work as an administrative assistant and at night I work towards my dreams of having a career in comedy. I have my own youtube channel featuring impressions, characters, and music. Hulk Hogan’s daughter actually tweeted about me and my youtube channel, so as far as I’m concerned I’ve already made it. I also do stand-up and improv around Chicago but my ultimate dream is to be on SNL or to have my own show or to be a voice actor or to be on Jimmy Fallon or to be in a movie with John Cusack. “

Davin: “Why did you decide to take voice lessons?”

Jamie: “I really wanted to get to a place where I am confident with my voice and to also learn the proper techniques. My father was a classical pianist and my mother was a vocalist so music was constantly in our house. I grew up singing in church and did a couple of musicals. I want to be able to incorporate more singing into my comedy and also start auditioning for musicals again.” 

Davin: “Are there any outcomes from voice lessons that you’ve found surprising?”

Jamie: “What surprised me was when you told me I was a soprano. I’ve always been told I am an alto. At first I was very uncomfortable with singing high but I’m slowly starting to feel more comfortable with my vocal range. You’ve definitely helped me to have more confidence in my voice.”

Davin: “So… where else can we see you?”

Jamie: “You can check out my youtube at www.youtube.com/impressionista09. I’m constantly updating my youtube and adding more videos!!

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DYV Students: Student Spotlight Interview No. 5