DYV Students: Student Spotlight Interview No. 12

April 22, 2014

Student Spotlight time! I hope in your post spring day/Easter hangover you’ll take a few minutes to read through this great interview with my student, John. If you didn’t know already, Chicago is a great city for actors and what I seem to keep finding out is that these actors often get asked to #SING! John is a great example of someone preparing for that possibility and he’s doing such a great job. Let’s hear his take on things.

Davin: John! Tell us a little bit about yourself. Ya know, where you’re from? How you ended up in Chicago? What you do with your days? etc.

John: Well, hi Davin! Originally I’m from the picturesque Greenville, South Carolina and graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in theatre. After spending some time in Chicago in high school one spring break, I knew it was a place that I could definitely see myself in the future. After a stint in New York City, I knew Chicago was where my heart was. And here I am. 

I’m living the life of a “just-starting-out actor” right now, which obviously means waiting tables at night. So, during my days, I’m working on audition materials, attending classes at Black Box Acting Studio, and, of course, working hard to build a better singing technique.

Davin: Nice! So can you tell us a little bit about what brought you to voice lessons? Is this something you’ve done before?

John: I briefly spent some time studying in New York. I’ve always been in choir and in musicals when I was younger; but, it’s not something I’ve ever felt extremely confident in since I had never really looked at my “bad” habits as a singer and trained to become a stronger one. That’s essentially what brought me to weekly voice lessons. I knew that if I wanted to walk into an audition and feel confident in singing, if asked, I would have to make the commitment to really looking at where I was as a singer and how I could move forward.

Davin: How have lessons been thus far? Do you feel like you’re making progress in your singing?

John: Voice lessons are both scary and liberating in every session for me. I cannot tell you how nervous I can get when I think I’m doing something “wrong” or when I’m supposed to hit a note that I don’t feel confident hitting. I have discovered that I have really developed some subconscious tensions while singing and I am having to (albeit slowly) let that tension go. It’s amazing how much work it takes to feel free! It’s been going tremendously well, though. I feel like I’m definitely on a great path and I’ve never felt more confident in my voice.

Davin: So where are your goals now? What’s the end goal for you?

John: I feel like this might be redundant; but, my end goal would be to have a book full of songs that I can confidently and competently sing in an audition scenario. Do I think I’ll star in a Broadway musical? I mean, yes, obviously. Of course. No, but seriously, my goal is to identify fully as an “actor who sings.” And I think I’m well on my way!

Davin: That you are! Thanks for the chat!

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