DYV Students: Student Spotlight Interview No. 16

November 5, 2014

Nearly a year ago, singer-songwriter Eric Majeski came to me for a session and I really enjoyed working with him. That being said, it was right around the time that Missy began teaching at Davin Youngs Voice and I couldn’t help but feel that given her experience also as a singer-songwriter, she might have a bit more to offer him than I would. I recommended that he give her a try and a year later he has been committed weekly! Because Missy and I share regularly about our client’s progress, I know his growth has been tremendous, so I’m excited to have him share with you a bit more about the experience and what is coming up for him, his voice and music!

Davin: Hey there, Eric! Can you tell us a little about yourself? Where you’re from? What fills your days? That sort of thing? 

Eric: Hi Davin! I grew up in CT, and have enjoyed living in Chicago for 16 years now. I moved to Chicago in 1998 for what was a personally unfulfilling career in business, and experienced a shift in 2005 when I became owner of a spiritual bookstore. I’ve now come full circle in remembering my childhood love of music, am recording my first album, and am creating a sustainable existence as a full-time musician. When I’m not writing/playing, I love witnessing my 10-year old daughter grow, and I focus attention on being fully present in life for her. 

Davin: Awesome! Can you tell us a bit about what brought you to voice lessons? How did you end up studying with Missy?

Eric: I had a successful coaching practice, where I was assisting others in finding their true calling, or “true voice” in life. Inspired by my clients, I realized I hadn’t attended to my own deep desire of literally finding my voice, or desire to sing. After cycling through a couple of teachers with small success, I found Davin Youngs Voice through a mutual friend, right around the time Missy showed up. I believe it was you who encouraged me to study with her. Intuitively, this felt right, and my year of study with her has confirmed this initial vibe. 

Davin: I’m always impressed with how committed you are to regularly attending sessions! Given that you’re a singer-songwriter, are there any specifics that you’ve worked on that have been especially helpful in your process? What about performance? 

Eric: Missy has really helped me a lot with reducing tension and with my vocal flexibility, work that continues. I am already attuned to the language of somatic awareness, so to have her coach/teach voice in this “container” has been phenomenal. I have learned to sing with more intent, and this has reflected wonderfully in my performances and helped to reduce anxiety. 

Davin: Have your goals changed as you’ve been learning? 

Eric: Oh, for sure. Learning how to sing has gone from something I wanted to “check off the proverbial bucket list”, to becoming an actual singer, and this becoming a career. I have much to learn, but I no longer feel the need to rush, as singing has become a sort of medicine for my daily life.

Davin: For those who dig in, the process is slow, yet rewarding. Plus, the habit becomes so necessary. So what’s in the future for your music? Where can we hear/see you? 

Eric: Finishing the album for Spring 2015 release and tour. I have a big debut show coming up Friday Nov. 21st at Moonlight Studios in Chicago where I’ll be offering an early listen of pre-release tracks on the album. We are recording a Live DVD that evening, as well as broadcasting the show nationally through free Internet Livestream. There’s a ticket link below, and I will share the Internet link soon. It looks as though there is going to be a great turnout. 

I’m feeling really grateful and ready for whatever’s next! I’d like to close by saying it is very noticeable the passion you and Missy bring to your work, and this makes it so easy to say yes! 

Davin: Our passion is fueled by yours.Thank you for your committment, openness and hard work!

CLICK HERE to get tickets for Eric’s Show!

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DYV Students: Student Spotlight Interview No. 16