Announcement: Meet our new studio assistant, Taylor Snooks


We’d like you to meet our new Studio Assistant, Taylor Snooks! Taylor is a gifted musical theatre singer and has been a very committed client at Davin Youngs Voice. We are so excited to expand her relationship with our business. She’ll be helping us with all the nitty gritty stuff, and quite frankly, keeping us on top of the really important stuff. We thought it would be fun for you to get to know her a bit better, so here is a quick interview…

Davin: “Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Where’d you go to school. That kind of stuff.”

Taylor: “Hi Everyone! My name is Taylor Snooks and I currently live in Alsip, Illinois which borders the city on the south side! I went to Marist High School in the city and then went on to Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. I considered just about every major under the sun until finally landing on Political Science, with minors in Psych and Spanish. I don’t really know where that degree with the nice price tag fits into my life yet, but I guess I’ll find that out one day. After graduating from WMU last year, I moved back home and have been working as a Nanny, and now studio assistant as well! smile emoticon

Davin: “So, you’ve been taking singing lessons at Davin Youngs Voice. Tell us about you and singing?”

Taylor: “For starters, music has always been a huge part of my life. I spend almost every waking moment listening to it. I have always loved singing, and participated in school and church choir when I was younger. Then, sports became the focus in my life. My family was very sports-oriented growing up, so singing took a back seat. I was good at sports, but I wasn’t in love with them like I was singing. The second I had a moment to myself, or was home alone I would belt out whatever tune was in my head. And that tune was almost always of the Broadway genre (probably whatever Sutton Foster was doing at the time).

After high school I was done with sports but I continued on as a closet singer, fan-girling over the latest Broadway cast album. I realized that when I sang, my throat would hurt to an unusual degree. I sought out a voice teacher in Michigan who I worked with for about a year on and off. It was great and I found myself making progress, but I had to move back home. Then after a bit of research… I found @Davin Youngs Voice! Working with you and Missy has really changed me as a singer. I figured out that the way I had been singing was not doing my throat any favors. Before coming here, I had no idea the many technical aspects to singing. Realizing this made my lessons a difficult process but a fantastic one. I’m unlocking parts of my voice I never knew existed! It’s the greatest feeling in the world, finding my sound, truly. So for now, I’m continuing to work on the never ending journey that is my voice and continuing to love it.”

Davin: “What are your aspirations as a singer?”

Taylor: “I am a hardcore Broadway fan-girl so musical theater is somewhere I would love to be. That kind of music just elicits a very strong emotional response with me, especially Broadway singers like Kelli O’Hara! I almost always cry when I hear her sing! It’s just so amazing to be able to hear a story through a song and connect with it, and my dream is to be able to give that gift to someone through my own voice.”

Davin: “What about working for Davin Youngs Voice? Can you tell us why you might want a job like this and what you think you bring to the table?”

Taylor: “Besides the fact that I get to work for the most talented singers (seriously guys it’s not fair), I wanted this job because I love being around music and like-minded people. Everything about it is great, from the location, the Fine Arts Building, the two studios, etc.

I also love what you do here and I’ve had such an amazing and beneficial experience, I plan to help out as much as I possibly can so you can continue to give those experiences to a lot of other people!”

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